Great North Doncaster
Great North Doncaster

Creating a place where town meets country – the best of both worlds’

GT3 Architects were asked to develop a vision for a new residential development on the edge of a major northern town. The 38 hectare site is located next to an established residential area approximately 2 miles from the town centre and overlooks agricultural fields and woodland. 

Six key themes were identified from a rigorous analysis of both the immediate and wider context: to create a distinctive character, to create a community, to maximise potential views, to strengthen the existing town and help define its edge, to capitalise on existing connections and to mediate between town and country – the best of both worlds.

The vision for Great North Doncaster builds upon these 6 guiding themes to deliver a sustainable community with high quality, well designed new homes, and access to public transport, schools, health care, social and leisure provision, and other main services. The masterplan will deliver approximately 1,000 well designed, energy efficient new homes set within 4 individual, but interconnected, character areas, each of which responds to its immediate setting. Together, the character areas will deliver a range of housing types, widening housing choice in the area, and helping the region to retain population, reduce levels of out migration and attract new residents to the area.

Great North Doncaster




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