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GT3 Architects provide specialist consultancy skills in workplace and organisational performance – called Performance +. This service enables clients to understand and capitalize on a vital dynamic that drives organizational performance; the relationship between people and the design of physical place. With staff costs equating to approximately 80% of corporate expenditure and property costs just 8%, it is clear that the greatest investment impact is to be gained in creating inspiring environments that benefit the organisation’s critical asset and cost item i.e. its people.

How does it work

Our work demonstrates that positive changes involving people and place can deliver tangible and sustainable business and shareholder value. This is particularly relevant at a time when many organisations (in both the public and private sector) are looking to rationalise and consolidate their operations and estates.

Performance + positions the organisation, rather than the building at the heart of the project and the outcome of the work is not necessarily a new building but a transformation of the way people work and how space can be used. Finding new ways of working can liberate staff to work independently of time and space.

Performance + seeks to get under the skin of an organisation (i.e. their strategy, processes, people and property) and construct their space around these specific needs and activities rather than the more conventional approach of fitting the organisation into a generic space.

Our experience in this area includes major Estate Rationalisation and Organisational Fit projects in the public and private sector, high-performance Corporate Brief Development, introduction of New Ways of Working, Change Management and Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluations.

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