October 2012 – ‘Greenbelt Living’


Ponteland Garden Village is located on the southern edge of Ponteland Village and within 15 minutes drive of Newcastle City Centre. It is an affluent and attractive residential area, surrounded by greenbelt land but with limited facilities for families and young people.


The proposed +3 Architecture masterplan will provide 430 new homes, 60 retirement apartments, 15,000sqft of office space (to support local businesses) and a new community building. Over 30% of the site is given over to open space and the housing density is 15 units per hectare.


The development is based on the founding principles of the traditional English Garden Suburb movement and will provide a range of housing designed for families.  The masterplan includes strict land use zoning for housing and commercial areas and will be a carefully planned extension of the existing town based on healthy and sustainable principles. It will be a leafy, park-like environment with an abundance of well distributed open space, creating a distinct community with its own identity. 


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