Mixed-use developments have shaped and defined our towns and cities for centuries bringing together a diversity of building types, users and activities. City centres rely on variety and diversity for their long term economic sustainability and well-being. Variety provides social cohesion and the spontaneity and surprise we see in our most valued places.

Today, people are finding their way back to the city. They are looking for places that provide a better way to live, work and play. We help to make those places attractive, alive and vibrant and understand the strategies that strengthen a neighbourhood’s character and create sense of place. By drawing upon the resource and experience of the existing context; its people and their heritage; local stakeholders and governance it is possible to create a collaborative culture capable of reconciling disparate uses and creating jobs and wealth.

Working at a variety of scales and often within historic settings, we have designed and delivered regeneration projects that create new destinations and breathe new life into existing places. Our mixed-use schemes have brought together culture, housing, leisure, entertainment, commerce and public art within public space. Working with multi-skilled, team members, both in-house and other partners, our mixed-use schemes extend far beyond the site boundaries, seeking physical, environmental and technological connectivity with existing urban centres to deliver long term value and sustainability.

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