MAY 2012 – ‘HEADSPACE 2012’

This month saw the annual +3 Architecture ‘Headspace’ day taking place in the inspiring surroundings of the Baltic art gallery in Gateshead.  As the name suggests, the day is an opportunity for the whole company to get away from the intensity of the office, to clear our minds and to reflect on the year gone and plan for the ones ahead. A bag of vintage sweets got the day off to a great if slightly high-octane start and the day was punctuated with thought-provoking presentations from every member of staff in response to profound questions such as ‘If you were a Star Wars character who would you be and why?’

The highlight of the day was the Top Gear-inspired Cool Wall in which our own projects are scored collectively in an open forum. We obviously will not disclose which projects were ‘cool’ and which were ‘sub-zero’ but as ever the debate was animated, at times heated and enormously good fun!

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