Interior Design

GT3 Architects design high-impact interior spaces and places that improve collaboration, inspire staff and increase performance. Using our own unique tools and methodologies, we get under the skin of a project to understand a client’s vision, culture and business strategy and to create bespoke designs that can facilitate a transformation in the way people work and how space can be used. Success means designing not just for visual and aesthetic impact, but also for physical, environmental, social and psychological wellbeing.

Our designs combine the fundamentals of space, surface and light with the considered use of colour, materials and furniture to create a range of spaces to meet the needs of all occupants – inspiring, collaborative places that stimulate creativity and innovation or calmer, secluded spaces for reflection and individual thinking (and an endless variety in between).

GT3 Architects also provide specialist consultancy skills in workplace and organisational performance – called Performance +. This service enables clients to understand and capitalize on a vital dynamic that drives organizational performance; the relationship between people and the design of physical place.



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