Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that our industry has a significant impact on the physical, social, economic and natural environment – which is why we are always looking to ‘achieve more with less’ and have developed our own Social Responsibility Charter.

Examples of our commitment include the following:

Our People

  • Involving staff in the development of company vision, objectives, direction and policy (‘Headspace’)
  • Developing personal development plans for every member of staff
  • Setting up regular life-drawing classes paid for by GT3 Architects
  • Encouraging staff to take part in teaching and R&D activities
  • Providing a wide range of benefits and opportunities

Our Communities

  • Participating in an annual ‘Sandcastle Challenge’ with a local school to raise awareness and money for charity
  • Instigating and leading a linked-research and KTP projects with Newcastle and Sunderland Universities involving students from each institution
  • Raising 0.5% of company turnover for charitable causes through a series of internal and external events (including a cycle ride around Kielder Reservoir and 4 ‘Bake-Off’s)
  • Providing work experience to college and school students

Our Partners

  • Developing long term relationships based on shared values and a commitment to partnering
  • Supporting local labour and suppliers in our designs and specifications
  • Collaborating with other organisations and institutions (such as the NHS) to create added social value

Our Planet

  • Investment in new tele-conference facilities to reduce the need to travel to meetings
  • Providing a pool car to all team members with a valid driving licence. Team members are encouraged to co-ordinate site visits in the same area to enable car sharing as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Ensuring that all recyclable waste and printers are collected by a certified recycled waste carrier
  • Discouraging unnecessary printing – discarded one sided prints are re-used internally for notes and draught work
  • Where appropriate, ensuring all electronic devices on the office carry an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency

Future Talent

We have a responsibility to support the next generation of talent, especially in a period of great economic uncertainty. We have a longstanding relationship with academia involving teaching, collaborative research and employment and believe that to teach is to learn.

Examples of our commitment to nurturing future talent include the following:

  • We established the GRAD (Graduate Retention and Development Programme) programme in 2009 which helped upskill over 80 graduates and supported them in finding permanent employment
  • 40% of our staff are currently teaching part-time at University (Newcastle, Northumbria, Sheffield and Nottingham Universities)
  • 60% of our staff come from local Universities
  • We are currently running a Linked Research programme with Newcastle and Sunderland Universities
  • We have taken part in a number of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Newcastle University
  • We offer up to 6 weeks of structured work experience every year
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